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I’m Gabriele, currently Researcher and Software Engineer @ IDSIA. Here I’m trying to learn as much as possible while working on many different projects. Check my news list to see what I’ve been up to :)

I dream of employing my skills to help make someone’s life better. In particular, I would like to work either on rehabilitation systems or “accessible” interfaces for physically impaired people: i.e., restoring functionalities of people who have lost some; or making accessible stuff that is seldomly designed with accessibility in mind (e.g., board/video games, software, hardware of any kind, places, etc.). Maybe, one day, my brother and I will manage to play video games together again, as we did in our childhood :D

Gabriele Abbate

  • (2018) M.S. Informatics, USI–UNIMiB
  • (2016) B.S. Informatics, UNIMiB


12/2023 - New Article on Scientific Report Journal

Our article "A mirror therapy system using virtual reality and an actuated exoskeleton for the recovery of hand motor impairments: a study of acceptability, usability, and embodiment" has been published on Scientific Report journal.

12/2023 - New RA-L Article

Our article "A Sim-to-Real Deep Learning-based Framework for Autonomous Nano-drone Racing" has been published on the IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L) journal.

11/2023 - "Quality of Life" Label!

Our project (REMiT) aiming at improving Mirror Therapy using VR and an Hand Exoskeleton has been awarded with the "Quality of Life" label from the Fondation Dalle Molle.

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